Aquarius Horoscope Highlights 2019

Oh Aquarius, how unfortunate. Here you are shuffling water, hydrating the earth left and right, and all you have to show for it is drowned soil and soggy ambition. If you could just learn to pace yourself, but we both know that’s not in the cards for you.

To get out of this swampy slog you may have to invest heavily in a bathmat. Preferably crystal. Shredded feet is nothing compared to the healing capabilities of the crystalline energy you so dearly need. The frequencies of the universe need a focus point and your feet are the ideal receptors.

The moon is sneaking into your energy field this month, and so it’s time to hunker down and recharge to the best of your abilities. Do not leave any balls of yarn unattended during this time. Ears to the ground. Make room for the ethereal beams of moonlight to guide your way.