Virgo Horoscope Highlights 2019

I’ve heard stories about you, Virgo. You’re a mess right now. You’ve opened the wrong chakras and charged the wrong crystals and it’s starting to get dark in the forest. Luckily the ink is not dry yet, and you’ve still got time to work the inkblots of your life to your advantage.

Venus has approached your wheelhouse this summer and she requires both sacrifice and affection. Hang a wreath of leaves and one red jasper stone in a window facing north-west. If you have no such window you can ask a neighbor who’s willing to help you. Place a palm print on the window from a hand lightly smeared in peppermint oil to establish a connection between the yourself and the sun. Don’t wash the window until the end of September. This will be your sign of affection.

For your sacrifice you will need to tie a red string around a black birthday candle and light it every day at noon, no matter where you are. Give your energy back to the void by capturing the smoke in a bottle and blow it out at great speed.


Author: Vaguely Relatable

Vaguely Relatable is a blog dedicated to just that - the vaguely relatable. Horoscope Edition.

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