Pisces Horoscope Highlights 2019

As with all water signs, you too are a flighty creature. You’ve been swimming from shore to shore looking for a safe harbour in the storms that have swept over your poor damp and scaly hide, but all for nought. 2018 was a brutal year for you, but that stops this month. This month you’ll trip over hidden opportunities like never before!

Unfortunately, when the pond is so small, other fish are out there chomping at the same opportunities you are, so you have to secure your place in the universal lottery by doing some simple rituals.

You’ll need to pop open some essential oils. Mix mint, rainwater and tree star oil together in a pot and anoint yourself with it. Tell the universe to get its shit together. If you have any Tiger’s Eye laying around (as any responsible Pisces would), drag the sharpest tip of the stone over your heart chakra to slice open the way for joy and success to enter your life.

Do this and you’ll be skipping in the astral line to great prosperity.


Author: Vaguely Relatable

Vaguely Relatable is a blog dedicated to just that - the vaguely relatable. Horoscope Edition.

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