Capricorn Horoscope Highlights 2018

It’s your month, baby. This is where your sea-goat self will outshine everyone else!

You knew this day was coming, you just had to get all your ducks in order, organizing, scheming, planning in the shadows for your new persona to break free from the grasp of mediocrity and leap into the spotlight like the best goat you could possibly be! It’s going to be magnificent and the planets spin for you on this day, my friend.

Love though.. You know where I am going with this, don’t you? They never called you back, left you on “read” or perhaps started to avoid you just a little? Be extra wary this month, Capricorn. There is little space for love in this quadrant of your life.

Listen to your inner voice this month. Wash your windows. 2019 is on the horizon and you need to prepare for the upcoming battle. I’d say attaching your birthstone to your keychain is your best bet for survival.


Author: Vaguely Relatable

Vaguely Relatable is a blog dedicated to just that - the vaguely relatable. Horoscope Edition.

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